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Information of Everything

30th August 2016

With all the brilliant devices at first glance these days the idea of internet of things is on the go! it’s an innovation that lets gadget that you interface with communicate with a host of other devices. But where does that get all the information from?

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Technology in education: Is India abreast of its western counterparts?

July 16, 2016

The rise of technology in the education sector in India has witnessed a prompt growth in the past few years certainly. It has been observed that public schools now aim to provide at least one computer to every two students. Why just colleges, even in kindergartens one can find minds being enlightened with the help of e-boards, interactive media and what not! Surveys have shown that most of the teachers incorporated devices like tablets in their lessons and it showed improved results.

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Role of technology in social change by Suneet Singh Tuli, Datawind

May 27, 2016

Technological developments have marked out a transformation of humanity, enhancing our faculties and altering them in the process. ‘Intellectual technologies’ in particular—map, clock, typewriter—both augmented our mental abilities and transformed them. Each carried an ‘intellectual ethic’, a hidden norm of mental functioning that might be obscure to users— and even inventors.

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Cloud Computing is One of The Most Used and Misused Terms in Technology – Has it been Used to its Potential?

April 21,2016

From home to work to everywhere you go, electronic items find application in our day to day life. Devices like mobile phones, tablets have got smaller, more powerful, and very useful.

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Role of Technology in Education

March 18, 2016

Technology ushers in fundamental structural changes that can be integral to achieve significant improvements in productivity. By its very nature, technology changes at a fast pace and making it accessible to teachers and other stakeholders is an ongoing challenge.

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'Simplification of tax regime will create an investor friendly environment'

February 26, 2016

Budget is an indication of the path the government visualises for industry. It is that time of the year again when the Union government is in overdrive to issue out the Budget. While everyone wants to believe that 2015 was the year of shaping expectations and 2016 is the year of implementation.

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Cloud computing: The next whopping leap in IT

December 14, 2015

From home to work to everywhere you go, electronic items find application in our day to day life. Devices like mobile phones, tablets have got smaller, more powerful, and very useful.They are everywhere and play increasingly greater roles in the lives of people which were a decade ago were simply portable devices.

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How the flipped classroom model can work in India ?

May 4, 2015

Pedagogy, or the art and science of education, has come a long way since the days of the gurukulas. Teachers today have transformed from ‘sage on the stage’ to ‘guide on the side’. Throughout, technology has helped this transformation immensely.

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Breaking the affordability barrier:

Why cheap is important & how to get there
January 28, 2014

The power of the internet is unquestionable. For many of us, over the last twenty years, it’s become an ubiquitous and integral part of our lives. The positive impact of internet access is even more evident across the developing world.

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The use of Technology in education in emerging markets

For many years, the use of computers in schools has been a topic of interest for both teachers and parents. In the last few years, the purpose of deployment of technology has shifted from learning about computers, to using technology to improve the quality of education.

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